Benefits for students

  • Best practices in research and report writing
  • Real-life learning experience as an Equity Analyst
  • Access and exposure to leading industry professionals
  • Professional report and experience to use on resume/CV and job interviews
  • Experience presenting to top financial professionals
  • Individual and team prizes
  • Opportunity for travel
  • Potential for media exposure
  • Network of over 10,000 students and 2,500 volunteers worldwide
The 2015/2016 planned schedule (subject to be confirmed)
Early October, 2015
Team recruitment
Before 25 October 2015
Team formed (NCCU & NTU Interview completed)
26 October 2015 all day
Bloomberg Training & Presentation skill training
Early or Middle November 2015
Team final register to CFA Institute
November 2015
Company Presentation
17 December 2015
Invited to Annual Dinner of Taiwan Society
Late December 2015
Final Report Due
Report Grading
February 2015
Local Final Presentations in Taipei, Taiwan
The week of 11 April 2016
AP Regional Final in Chicago, Illinois, USA
The week of 11 April 2016
Global Final in Chicago, Illinois, USA
New! For 2016, the regional competitions will be held with the global final.
How it is organized

  • Worldwide intercollegiate competition between teams of students
  • Organized by local CFA Institute volunteers – usually through CFA member societies
  • At least 4 teams of 3-5 students participate


How the Challenge works

Local: Local hosts (usually CFA Institute member societies) host and launch local competitions involving teams of three to five students from nearby universities. Local competitions are held from July through March each year.

Professional Conduct: All participants are held to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (PDF).

Analysis: Teams research and analyze a publicly traded company, its competitors, and industry.

Mentoring: Financial professionals and university faculty mentors work with the teams during the research process and guide them through the company analysis.

Research Report: Each team writes a research report on the subject company which is then critiqued and evaluated by experienced financial experts.

Presentations: Teams present their analysis to high-profile panels of experts from top financial institutions.

Advancement: The team with the highest combined report and presentation score is deemed the local winner and progresses to one of the regional competitions: New York (NYSSA only), Asia Pacific, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), or the Americas. Each regional winner then advances to the global final, where one champion is ultimately crowned. Regional competitions take place between February and April, with the global final held in April each year.